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Conferences and Workshops

Participating in RMC conferences and workshops has become a tradition for microfinance professionals in Russia. The RMC's annual conference is the largest, regularly held event in microfinance in Russia, drawing together professionals in the field to share ideas, discuss new strategies, and learn new techniques. In addition, the RMC is actively engaged in organizing events on a regional level. In this section you will find information on upcoming events, as well as details of past conferences, workshops, and roundtables, organized by the RMC and its partner organizations.

Previously held conferences, workshops and other public events

Rostov-on-Don Regional Conference - Microfinance as a Tool for Social Development and Economic Growth

Regional Conference held June 25, 2004, in cooperation with the Rostov oblast government and the Southern Russian Association of Credit Cooperatives.

MFC 2004 Conference - Strategic Choices for Microfinance

7th annual conference organized by the Microfinance Center for Central and Eastern Europe and the New Independent States (MFC) in Warsaw, Poland, 27-29 May, 2004.

In a very short time, micronance in C&EE and the NIS has been moving from small, creditonly, donor dependent programs into a dynamically growing industry, offering a broader range of services, reaching nancial sustainability and promising to serve a signicant proportion of people excluded from the traditional nancial sector.

What stage of development is micronance in C&EE and the NIS exactly at? Where is it headed? What will be the shape of the sector in ve years?

The conference was organized to answer these and other important questions releval to micorinance sector world wide.

The final report and other conference materials can be found on the MFC web site at:

2003 RMC Conference - Microfinance in Russia: New Frontiers of Development

Detailed information on the RMC annual conference held in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The 2nd annual national conference on microfinance in Russia was held on December 4-5, 2003, in St. Petersburg. The conference, organized by the Russian Microfinance Center and Development Alternatives, Inc., with the support of the US Agency for International Development (USAID), examined how the industry has grown, the current state of microfinance, and what the future may hold. Held in cooperation with the Ministry for Anti-Monopoly Policy and Business Support of the Russian Federation (MAP) along with a number of Russian and partner organizations, the conference brought together over 200 representatives of MFIs, government authorities, and donor organizations.

Conference sessions covered a range of practical topics, from sessions on possibilities of financing for microfinance organizations, successful models of microfinance in Russia, consumer protection issues in microfinance, and the latest developments in credit cooperatives. During the plenary session of the conference, representatives of the Russian federal, executive, and legislative bodies responsible for the development of the Russian microfinance sector as well as Russian Central Bank representatives, Russian and foreign finance institutions, and support organizations participated and offered commentary to conference participants.

A pre-conference forum on legal and regulatory issues affecting microfinance was organized for directors, lawyers, and other management representatives of microfinance organizations. The forum generated recommendations and concrete proposals to guide the RMC in its activities to improve the legal, regulatory, and policy environment for microfinance activity in Russia. Forum attendees adopted a resolution setting legislative and regulatory priorities for the RMC for the coming year.

2002 RMC Conference - Microfinance in Russia: Development Perspectives

Report of the first annual conference on microfinance organized by the RMC.

In December 2002 the first annual Russian conference on microfinance, "Microfinance in Russia: Development Prospects," examined the challenges of increasing the outreach, sustainability, and efficiency of microfinance in Russia as the sector continues to grow and develop. Several themes emerged throughout the conference, including questions of access to financing for microfinance organizations, integration of microfinance into the financial sector, specialization/professionalism of staff, customer focus, and the need for financial standards. The conference was organized by the Russian Microfinance Center (RMC) and Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI) with support from the US Agency for International Development (USAID). Nearly 170 participants from almost all of Russia's regions attended the conference. A full copy of the conference report, with detailed overviews of conference sessions and individual presentations, can be found here.