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IX Annual Citi Foundation Microentrepreneurship Awards in Russia is Now Launched


Citi Foundation, National Partnership of Microfinance Market Stakeholders, and Russian Microfinance Center announced the opening of nominations for the competition. Awards will be presented at a gala ceremony in Moscow in spring of 2014

Moscow – The organizing committee accepts applications from microentrepreneurs and microfinance institutions from 10 September, 2013 until 10 February, 2014. The goal of the project is to identify the best microentrepreneurs, most efficient microfinance organizations, and to create an open market share of experiences among the stakeholders of microfinance. The Russian competition is part of a global program to develop and support microenterprises that is being implemented by the Citi Foundation in 32 countries. The awards fund is RUR 1 300 000. The grants are presented to the winners to further promote their businesses. 

“Over the eight years that the competition has been organized in Russia, more than 1 000 applicants have taken part in it. The participants represent 70 regions of Russia. This year we strive to promote the competition among a larger number of entrepreneurs and microfinance specialists. In particular, for the first time the application can be submitted online by filling out an application form at the organizing committee’s web-site: Furthermore, we plan to launch a stand-alone information resource fully devoted to the competition and its heroes – small entrepreneurs,” announced Mikhail Mamuta, President of NAUMIR and RMC.

Similarly to prior years, the competition will include 7 major nomination categories:

  • Best Entrepreneur – 2013 
  • Best Entrepreneur in Agriculture – 2013 
  • Best Entrepreneur in Trade – 2013 
  • Best Entrepreneur in Services – 2013 
  • Best Entrepreneur in Production – 2013 
  • Best Entrepreneur in Transport – 2013 
  • Best Entrepreneur in Construction – 2013

Microfinance institutions:
  • Innovation Leader in Microfinancing 2013 (for credit unions, commercial and nonprofit microfinance organizations)

Employees of microfinance institutions:
  • Best Credit Expert 2013 

Recognition nominations:
  • Woman’s Initiative in Entrepreneurship
  • Socially Significant Business
  • Successful Start-up
  • Best Environmental Initiative and Environmental Project

The gala awards ceremony will be held in Moscow in April 2014 (date and venue will be announced in due course). Travel and room expenses for the winners will be covered by the organizing committee.

Full information for the participation in the competition is available at the web-site of Russian Microfinance Center:

For more information please contact Anastasia Demidenko,External Relations Manager, Russian Microfinance Center, Tel. +7(495) 258-68-31, 258-87-05 (ext.107), e-mail: 

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