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The G20 Seoul Development Consensus for Shared Growth

The Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Council at the Financial Ombudsman.

Training News

Round Table Legal Standards of Microfinance Activity

MFC engages in a new public-private initiative to support microfinance in Kazakhstan

Microfinance of the Beginning Business Gathers Pace

ANNOUNCE! Several Open Trainings Debt Administration Are Planned to be Delivered in Moscow!

The NAMMS initiative on social costs was supported.

Report on the Anticrisis Monitoring for the 3 Quarter 2010 Prepared Jointly by NAMMS and RMC.

Training News

Information Portal "Microfinance in Russia" - www.rusmicrofinance.ru.

NAMMS and SEEP Network express deep gratitude to the MFI representatives, who participated in the investigation on microfinance market forecasting for the 1 quarter 2011, and we are glad to represent consolidated sector forecast.

NAMMS and RMC took a second place among the world in the global rating of efficiency of microfinance associations.

NAMMS addressed the RF Government and the RF State Duma with a request to include credit cooperatives and MFIs in the amount of socially significant enterprises of small business and applied reduced taxable rate.

The Smart Campaign Training on Network Strengthening for Client Protection.

Training News

ANNONCE! New Training "Debt Administration".

New RMC representative office will be opened in Samara

NAMMS Working Group News on the Development of MFIs Normative Legal Regulation.

NAMMS and RMC have delivered the IX National Conference Microfinance in Russia on the Threshold of Change: Lessons of the Crisis and New Opportunities on November 17-19, 2010 at the Holiday Inn Moscow Sokolniki, Moscow.

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