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On October 4, 2011 a webinar, “Microfinance: Is there really a crisis?” will be delivered.


Mikhail Mamuta, the NAMMS and RMC President will participate in it.


The panelists

Zanele Mbeki of South Africa

Luis Derteano Marie of Peru

Mikhail Mamuta of Russia

Sanjay Sinha of India

Damian von Stauffenberg of the US and Germany


You can see more about the webinar at


Focus of the webinar: questions from the audience

We have already received some excellent questions from people who have registered for the webinar. I will share these with you in a separate email. I’d like these questions to help each of us focus our contribution, so that we can be truly useful and interesting for our audience.


Technical considerations

To get the widest possible audience, we chose a system that will let participants listen online at no cost. We do not want to exclude anyone because of limited bandwidth, so we decided to forego live video. As panelists, your photos will be shown when you are speaking. To ensure reliability, you will be speaking via phone connections. The audience can contribute comments and questions online in real time.


Program design

We are designing new ways to make this webinar more engaging than most. The webinar will likely be divided into segments that focus on particular questions. I will come back to you with further details shortly.


Promotion and participation

We are using online networks, such as LinkedIn, to aggressively promote the webinar. Registrations are coming in from a wide variety of microfinance stakeholders, from both South and North.


Please feel free to spread the word to your own networks. Our website has full details, so you can simply share the link with anyone who may be interested:


The production team

We are blessed with a super production team that has been doing yeoman’s work to make this a success. Rest assured that we are in good hands!


Amanda Colby, webinar expert (USA)

Bill Monsour, program design (USA/Netherlands)

Stephanie Geake, facilitator (Austria)

Cathy Delmas Maita, website design (France/Peru)

Robbie Checkoway, text guru (USA/ Netherlands)



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