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Our Social Impact

Learn how the RMC’s multi-faceted approach creates meaningful and measurable social impact across the Russian Federation.

Systemic: The RMC’s work and expertise have fundamentally altered the state of financial inclusivity in Russia, contributing to the establishment of never-before-seen entity-types and innovations in the Russian Federation. Our work has equipped the Russian economy with tools to increase overall growth (by providing more individuals opportunities to contribute) and decrease the wealth gap’s disparity (by helping individuals break the cycle of poverty). Through our efforts we are contributing not only to sections or individuals within the economy, but the prosperity and stability of the economy as a whole.

Sectoral: The RMC has been both the catalyst and consultant in numerous pieces of national-level legislation that have bettered the entire microfinance community and their clients. Our input has led to a better defined, safer, and more accessible market for MFIs and subsequent borrowers. Our ongoing objective counsel provides the requisite improvements in legal and regulatory environment for an entire sector committed to the empowerment of the underprivileged.

Individual: Our top-down advocacy in combination with our bottom-up, one-on-one consultancy approach means that our impact is felt at the bottom-line of Russian microfinance. Thousands of individuals feel the impact of our work each and every day, enjoying the protections, organizations, and benefits we helped create.

More than just microfinance: The RMC takes pride in the fact that our work is more than just microfinance—not only the sense that our impact is felt nationwide both directly and indirectly, but also because our work takes an approach to improving financial inclusion that goes beyond traditional microfinance, seeking to use innovation to take on the problem from all angles.