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How We Can Help

Our unparalleled experience and unique position as a non-state-affiliated non-profit place us as the most objective and knowledgeable expert in the field. Whether you’re a partner, journalist, future MFI founder, government agency or “none of the above”, we can help you achieve your goals.

Please choose your classification from the following categories so that we may better address your needs.

Prospective Partners: The RMC prides itself on being an active partner with 37 (27 national, 10 international) organizations, as we believe knowledge-exchange and collaboration are critical to maximizing our understanding of the microfinance landscape. Our reputation as a worthy and beneficial partner to these organizations serve as a testament to the benefits the RMC can provide as well as the leverage that numerous organizations recognize. Should you be interested in partnering (formally or just on a single project), please see the menu to left to see how you can get involved.

International Partners: The RMC is constantly looking for international partners to widen its perspective and allow for additional (and mutually beneficial) projects. Should you be interested in pursuing a general partnership, please contact RMC’s Manager for External Relations Anastasia Demidenko at

Joint research projects: Should general partnership not be to your liking (or if you wish to participate in a collaborative project before formally partnering), the RMC is constantly seeking partners for new or existing projects regarding microfinance in Russia. Should you be interested in joint research opportunities please contact RMC’s Director for Development Olga Sorokina at

Government agencies: The RMC has a long and fruitful history of working with governmental entities to formulate effective legal and regulatory frameworks for microfinance— many major pieces of microfinance-related legislation have been formulated with the RMC’s counsel. Many of these relationships have evolved into full and formal partnerships between the RMC and governmental bodies; an acknowledgement of the utility the RMC provides its associates in the public sector.

The RMC can provide expert insight on the impact of draft legislation, derived from both research and experience. Please contact RMC’s Director for Development Olga Sorokina at for a preliminary evaluation of your needs.

Establishing an MFI in Russia: Whether you’re interested in creating an MFI subsidiary (via the corporate or not-for-profit routes) or you simply wish to provide capital to an existing/prospective MFI, our legal counsel can provide you with the tools to ensure success.

Media: The RMC welcomes any media inquiries and requests for comments from our team of experts. Please direct your inquiries to В RMC’s Manager for External Relations Anastasia Demidenko at

Additionally, we have provided a selection of key publications and releases for use by both the media and the general public.

Note on usage of the content: Should you be interested in using any of material contained on this site, please make sure you cite the RMC as the source so that we may better address any resulting questions, comments or insights.